Happy Traders
Rating 5 / 5
Mohammed Mamdouh | Day Trader
Really, Really, Really, Great and unbelievable, with a great analysis, Thank you so much.

Rating 5 / 5
James Albini | Day Trader
I loved it, it’s very simple, and it does not repaint

Rating 5/ 5
Tom Robinson | Day Trader
This is a legit indicator, I highly recommend it

Rating 5 / 5
Henry Roberts | Day Trader
It is the first Indicator that gives correct directions

Rating 5 / 5
Bogdan Midvi | Day Trader
I tried many tools before, all were bad, I like this one so far. hope it won't stop being awesome

Rating 5 / 5
Murat Cakmac | Day Trader
No indicator is a 100% correct, but this one is the real deal, it’s +80% accurate.

Rating 5 / 5
Hussien Al-Safar | Day Trader
Long trends are predicted very well. The market is very clear now for me.

Rating 5 / 5
Jonas Myryat | Day Trader
I made good money using Price Follower, thank you guys for this awesome tool, I love you

Rating 5/ 5
Hamdan Al-Ahmad | Day Trader
This indicator is great in telling you when to enter, but it doesn't tell you where to exit the trade, that’s what you need to figure out. But overall, I love it.

Price Follower Indicator
MetaTrader 4 & MetaTrader 5 Indicator
Boost your trading account with Price Follower Indicator, clear direction released on multiple timeframes and supports most of the trading items.
Multiple Items

PF supports all of the major currencies and most of the crosses along with Dow Jones

Easy to Read

It does not take an expert to use this indicator, it’s very simple.

1-Minute Setup

Installing this indicator takes less than a min to be installed.

Icon Result

We made Price Follower Indicator by experienced traders who have full understand of how the market behaves. It’s made by professional traders to new traders. We have made it very simple to use. Once signal is released, follow it.

Photo Photo

Take your trading next level

Traders basically lose because of very simple 3 reasons,

which are: The fear factor, the greed factor and not understanding the market.

We have solved these issues for the average trader. And we are offering this solution on a silver platter with ease and comfort.


Indicators Features

Amazing Built-In Features

We have built-in many cool features inside the indicator to suit all type of traders. The users of this indicator can play with the settings and choose different ones to caliber it according to their needs and vision. And you can also attach it to multiple trading items at the same time.

Haptics Entry Point

Enter the trade once a signal is released and exit anytime.

RAW Exit Point

You can set your stop loss for 10 or 20 pips. or leave it automatic.

Customise Gain Points

Total gained pips by the indicator, it’s calculated based on exits.

Live Photos Lost Points

Total lost pips by the indicator, it’s calculated based on exits.

Metadata Potential

The best reached price for the released signal on high and low.

Spirit Level Alerts

Do not worry, you will not miss a trade, you will be informed

Shutter Timer Accuracy

The sum of the last 5 signals, enter when ratio is over 50%

Editing Depth

Gained pips in the last 5 signals, enter when it’s over 50 pips


Where the market is heading?

Trend Detection

Detecting the trend is the indicator’s job, it does it very professionally. It is highly recommended to try out the indicator on a demo account before going live with it, so you can understand how it works best.


Exiting Point is up to you

Exiting The Trend

Price Follower Indicator does not tell you where to exit the trade, it is up to you whether you want to gain a pip or a 100 pips, we can only help in detecting the entry point. This allows the trader to develop a strategy based on this.

A little peak into the system

Price Follower in Action

There are 9 different screenshots below feature the signal on each item, the behavior and signal distance differs from item to another, there are too many factors control it, we recommend you test for yourself.

Haptics 70% Enhancement

Sharpen your trading style and increase productivity by 70%

Slow Shutter Less Work

No need to spend hours and time to read technical analysis

RAW Editing Better Mood

You certainly will be in a better mode when you trade using this.