Happy Traders
Rating 5 / 5
Mohammed Mamdouh | Day Trader
Really, Really, Really, Great and unbelievable, with a great analysis, Thank you so much.

Rating 5 / 5
James Albini | Day Trader
I loved it, it’s very simple, and it does not repaint

Rating 5/ 5
Tom Robinson | Day Trader
This is a legit indicator, I highly recommend it

Rating 5 / 5
Henry Roberts | Day Trader
It is the first Indicator that gives correct directions

Rating 5 / 5
Bogdan Midvi | Day Trader
I tried many tools before, all were bad, I like this one so far. hope it won't stop being awesome

Rating 5 / 5
Murat Cakmac | Day Trader
No indicator is a 100% correct, but this one is the real deal, it’s +80% accurate.

Rating 5 / 5
Hussien Al-Safar | Day Trader
Long trends are predicted very well. The market is very clear now for me.

Rating 5 / 5
Jonas Myryat | Day Trader
I made good money using Price Follower, thank you guys for this awesome tool, I love you

Rating 5/ 5
Hamdan Al-Ahmad | Day Trader
This indicator is great in telling you when to enter, but it doesn't tell you where to exit the trade, that’s what you need to figure out. But overall, I love it.


Price Follower Indicator was developed by experienced traders for traders at Aximus Techs LTD company. Our goal was to increase the profit and reduce the risk to the minimum. We understand how difficult is to trade, therefore; we have made it very simple for everyone, even beginners can use it along with experienced traders.
The main goal of the price follower indicator is to display the trend on the trading terminal, and it's up to the trader when to close or exit their positions. But the market's trend is now clear, and that is all you need to make profits.